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•Question: How do you use Base Calculation?
Answer: To use Base Mode, First you have to switch to Base Mode. Please click the Menu Button, The center button of the menu bar, then select the Base Mode. The new keyboard have designed for base mode will be showed up. If you need a specific document, please see the Document -> User Manual… Or watch the review video.

Question: When I click on calculator and punch in 5- 50 and then I hold down [0] because I want to know the percent off like 5 minus 50 percent I want it to say 2.5 but it is saying some other answer how would I use the calculator to do percent off the way I want what would I push to get 5-50percent is 2.5.
Answer: Please input 5-5×50%.

Question: Is it possible to add the same value over and over again by pressing one button? Eg, I want to add 360 by just pushing the + button (Instead of having to press =, then +, then 360. So I should get the values 360, 720, 1080, by pressing the button a few times) ?
Answer:  Press 360 = (the screen will display 360). Then press + 360 right after you press Equal (the input screen will display Res+360). and press = over and over again to get the result. Besides, “Res” function means Result (Like Ans in other calculator), Every time you hit =,”Res” value will be updated. Please take a look to the attached picture to figure how it work.

Question: Does you calculator support decimal to binary and decimal to Hex conversion ?
Answer: Both Free version and Paid version is supported convert the base conversion. To Convert the DEC to BIN/HEX: input the number and press Shift + Sync/Conv Button (The button on the right of [Res] button).

Question: I can’t find an easy way to write for example “2E3 or 2x10E3″, is necessary write: “2 x 10 shift X^n (10)”. Is there a easy way?
Answer: Please hold down the log key on 2nd keyboard to input the “E” symbol.

Question: Any way to do angle math, like 4’3″ * 8’55″ ? can’t seem to access the minute or seconds to enter an angle
Answer: We use Angle symbol “°” for all Angle, minute and second. Eg: 4°30°5° means 4 hours 30 mins and 5 seconds. 0°15°5° means 0 hour 15 mins and 5 seconds. Please Take a look to the Tutorial Video to know how it work. Beside, Please Download UserManual for more information.

Question:       I’m working on exponential and logarithmic problems and I can’t find the ^ to solve the problem or y^x. Can you help?
›Answer:  We use x^n for y^x function.

Question: Derivatives, complex numbers, matrices, function graphing, better statistical mode (more functions, for example linear regression etc.). Any of these coming to the paid version?
Answer: YES ! Calculator Infinity is our long-term project. the update with new feature will be available every 2 to 3 month. The new features will be depended on user feedback.

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