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Question: When I use landscape mode or string mode and punch in 5- 50% because I want to know  5 minus 50 percent, I want it to say 2.5 but it is saying some other answer how would I use the calculator to do percent off the way I want what would I push to get 5-50percent is 2.5.
Answer: Please input 5-5×50%. But you can use your way in Portrait-Classic mode.

Question: Is it possible to add the same value over and over again by pressing one button? Eg, I want to add 360 by just pushing the + button (Instead of having to press =, then +, then 360. So I should get the values 360, 720, 1080, by pressing the button a few times) ?
Answer:  Press 360 = (the screen will display 360). Then press + 360 right after you press Equal (the input screen will display Res+360). and press = over and over again to get the result. Besides, “Res” function means Result (Like Ans in other calculator), Every time you hit =,”Res” value will be updated. Please take a look to the attached picture to figure how it work.

Question: Does you calculator support decimal to binary and decimal to Hex conversion ?
Answer:No, Please use Calculator # or Calculator ∞ instead!

Question: I can’t find an easy way to write for example “2E3 or 2x10E3″, is necessary write: “2 x 10^3″. Is there a easy way?
Answer: Please switch to Y^X tab and hit [EE] or [10^x] key.

Question: Any way to do angle math, like 4’3″ * 8’55″ ? can’t seem to access the minute or seconds to enter an angle
Answer: We use Angle symbol “°” for all Angle, minute and second. Eg: 4°30°5° means 4 hours 30 mins and 5 seconds. 0°15°5° means 0 hour 15 mins and 5 seconds.

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