★ You feel bored with a default calculator or available normal calculators? You want to “spicy” your boring mathematic or your exercises? you want a unique style of calculator app and also to be suitable for your work and your study? Calculator+ (Plus) will bring you all what you want. 

★ Calculator+ is the multi-function scientific calculator for iPhone/iPod/iPad been useful for everybody from basic calculation users to more advanced such as students, scientific computation engineers, programmers, etc… Calculator+ is equipped with a natural display right at the center offering a greatly new user’s experience. Input data was dealt much more easily with a 2-part keyboard. Besides, the Equality Universal key promises more features in Ultimate Pack Upgrade. 

★ Features: 
✔ Universal App 
✔ Dual-Skin (Cyber & CarbonX) 
✔ High Resolution & luxury GUI 
✔ Optimize for iPad Retina Display 
✔ Classic Mode(*) 
✔ String Mode(*) 
✔ Professional Mode (Landscape Only) 
✔ Basic Calculation (+, -, x, ÷, %,…) 
✔ Advanced & Scientific Calculation 
✔ Fraction (Mixed fraction) Calculation 
✔ Time/Angle Calculation 
✔ Numeric Integral Calculation 
✔ Numeric Derivative Calculation 
✔ Variable & Memories 
✔ FX Calculation: F₁(X) Only 
✔ Calculations History, Tape (String Mode) 
✔ Result Copy/Paste 
✔ Expression Undo/Redo/Image Export 
✔ Built-in Tutorial, Online Video & Document 
✔ Multi Configuration 

★ Ultimate Pack Features: 
✔ Three FX Functions: F₁ F₂ and F₃ 
✔ Useful Constants Table 
✔ Advanced Units Converter: 
+ Over 400 Units in 21 Categories 
+ Save/Copy Conversion Result 
+ Favorite Section 
✔ Graphing/Plot Page: 
+ Support up to three equations 
+ Smooth Zoom/Move 
+ Snap to Point/Intersections 

(*): Landscape Mode is available on iPad only 

★ Preview Video: 

★ Screenshots: 

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