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Calculator # – The free, multi-function calculator for iPhone/iPad is proud to offer a variety of features to satisfy wide ranges of customers: The App possesses a powerful math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support, making it a viable tool for everyone from those looking for basic calculation to more advanced users, such as scientific computation, engineers, and math students. Calculator # makes available everything you need – including a user manual and tutorial video clips – so you can master the app in a matter of minutes!

✔ Universal Calculator App
✔ Support All the Latest Devices
✔ Support Wireless Keyboards¹
✔ Mathematical Display
✔ Edit & Export Expression/Result
✔ History Tape View
✔ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, %, Abs,…)
✔ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,X!, ^, √,…)
✔ 14 Memory Variables (Including X,Y,Z,M)
✔ Assignment Operator
✔ F(x) Customize Functions (F1 Only)
✔ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation
✔ Numeric Integral Calculation
✔ Dual Skins (Silver Light & Carbon+)
✔ No Noisy Ads !!!

✔ Big Integer & Rational Num (Up to 30!)
✔ Expand & Factor Polynomials
✔ Basic Indefinite integral

✔ Quadratic Equations
✔ System of Linear Equations (2 Unknowns)

✔ Snap to Points
✔ Smooth Zoom & Transformation


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