Graphing Calculator Plus is NOW Available

The brad new App:  Graphing Calculator + is now available on the AppStore.

Graphing Calculator Plus has a formidable reputation of being the top alternative to heavy complex hardware calculators. It is suitable for all types of users, whether they are looking to carry out basic or advanced mathematics; Graphing Calculator Plus has it all. It is equipped with a powerful MATH CORE advocated by MATH-PRINT support, which increases its functionality by leaps and bounds, making it an ideal choice for engineers, math students etc. It comes with an in depth User Manual and Tutorial to answer any questions you have, regarding the app and to help you further understand the world of advanced mathematics.

Built in documentation allows the user to calculate X and Y, roots and intersection of functions. The user can also carry out numerous other functions through this feature such as calculation of tangent, maxima and minima, inflection points, finding derivations, carrying out complex problems of statistics and regression. Furthermore, you can also solve equations and polynomials. It makes the complex world of matrices look quite easy, providing the user with tools to save and load matrices and calculate and solve them.

The powerful Graphing calculator Plus is equipped with a handy universal calculator app and durable MATH print display. Complex number calculation is one of the many things it performs along with equation solving. It also gives the user the option to edit and export expressions. Users who want to save their time by carrying out basic calculations such as subtraction and addition quickly, they can count on the graphing calculator for just that. Users, interested in advanced calculations, such as sin and cos related calculations can also carry these out with the Graphing calculator with ease. Y-Var and customized functions (F1,F2,F3) are also a piece of cake for this cutting edge calculator. Unit conversion, fraction and degree calculation, numeric integral and derivative calculation, you name it, graphing calculator does it all. A large array of constants (40) and Dual themes make it one of the most diverse calculators on the market.

If you are working on 2D graphs, this calculator can help you solve simultaneous graphs, enable you to Smooth zoom and transformation. It also supports parametric and polar sequences. It helps the user to pinpoint intersections, Min, Max and special points.

The statistic and regression and TEST functions, it can perform, include creation and edition of lists, 1-Var, 2 VAR statistic, solving linear, Quadratic and cubic regression, Logarithm, power and exponential regression and PropZ, SampZ T, Chi, Interval test.

If you need advanced help, regarding matrices, the Graphing calculator provides assistance in creating and editing matrics, carrying out basic matrix functions such as addition, subtraction etc and performing advanced matrix functions such as Inv, Ref, RRef.

In the area of programming, the graphing calculator enables users to control commands. It also contains Example Source codes to make the life of the user easier.

With more than 15 different bases and support of up to 64 bits integer, this calculator is worth its price. Gates and binary operations can be carried out in a matter of a few clicks with this calculator.

To put the cherry on top, the graphing calculator has also been given some additional features.  TVM solver for financial calculations has been installed.